Think! Available at Next Star Distribution

Think! Available at Next Star Distribution

Thoughtfulness remains at the forefront of the ingredient makeup throughout Think! products. With conscientiousness and a health-forward mindset, Think! Bars are the perfect input to fuel a healthy, active lifestyle to live the life and do the things that you love. Think! Bars abstain from artificially flavored sweeteners, such as sucralose, but still promise decadent flavor, a solid and clean 20g of protein, with 230 nutrient-rich calories.

Think! offer a dynamic range of flavors, ranging from Brownie Crunch, Lemon Delight, and Cookies and Creme. Their bars are sure to crave both your sweet tooth and appetite as the perfect snack substitute to fuel your muscle with support and retainment.

Next Star Distribution offers an array of Think! Products and flavors. Contact your Next Star Distribution representative today at (888) 978-6443 or email us at to stock your store or gym.

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