Next Star Distribution is a retail-focused distributor. We are committed to deliver true value, expertise and efficiency to help you grow and thrive. Stock your store, gym, health club, healthy cafe, or online business with the industry’s leading and emerging brands that are in demand. Next Star Distribution was founded by Brad Baca and Garrett Goss in 2018. Their team of professionals have extensive experience in retail and supplement sales. Each of our team members have managed a store or health club at one time, and are not only aware of what you need as a retailer, but can also offer effective insights and recommendations on the latest trends, brands and products - giving you an advantage in today’s competitive marketplace.


Next Star is a brick and mortar focused distributor. I have been in the supplement retail game for over 23 years, but also, the top six positions at the company are held by guys that also owed stores and not just worked at one. This is important because we feel we really do understand the retail side of things and that means the customer side of things. The supplement industry has always been evolving and never more so than in the last few years. We aim to grow and evolve with this industry and hopefully make our own mark on it. We help brands navigate their journey toward growth through partnership, not just "selling products". We have built a business that is here to stay. We aren't perfect yet. We might bungle an order here or there, but I can assure you we will correct it, super quick and efficiently because we know you don't need any additional hassles. We really are like partners in this, because we only win if you win as our customer. We are here to help. And let me say Thank You to everyone that has worked with us so far. I am grateful every day that I do something interesting, that I love, and that hopefully helps other stores and gyms into the future. Let me know anything you need. Brad@nextstardistribution.com.

Meet the Team

Brad Baca - President/CEO/Founder - brad@nextstardistribution.com

Garrett Goss - CFO/Partner - garrett@nextstardistribution.com

Kendhal Tucker - Director of Sales - kendhal@nextstardistribution.com

Mike Petrock - Senior Sales Account Manager - mike@nextstardistribution.com

DJ Eastham - Regional Account Manager - DJ@nextstardistribution.com

William Eastham - Regional Account Manager - william@nextstardistribution.com

Garrison Goss - DFW Account Manager - garrison@nextstardistribution.com

Ryan Stokes - Receiving Manager - ryan@nextstardistribution.com

Luis Quintero - Warehouse Manager - Luis@nextstardistribution.com


Next Star Distribution is a wholesale distributor representing many of the most trusted supplements, products and healthy snack brands in the U.S. We are an exclusive supplier to small to large retailers, health clubs and online stores.