Man Sports Now Available at Next Star Distribution

Man Sports Now Available at Next Star Distribution


Since 2004 Man Sports has been the innovators, outside-the-box thinkers, and industry disruptors on a mission to make fitness fun.

Man Sports has built a name and following amongst fitness athletes and enthusiasts gaining respect and notoriety for their unique formulations and products that complement your lifestyle. Combining science, ingenuity and fun, tempting flavors, Man Sports make fitness and training something you look forward to. 

From the inception of the company they did things differently. Whether that be full disclosure labels dating back to 2004 or delicious candy-like flavors in 2014, Man Sports creates products that provide a great user experience that helps you stick to your goals and get serious results.

Reflecting how fitness exists in every corner of life, the team behind Man Sports includes rodeo athletes, content creators, musicians, bodybuilders and beyond.

Top Sellers include PX-RT, GameDay, ISO-Amino, Scorch, ISO Protein, ISO EAA, and Brain Bridge backed by a complete lineup of premium supplement formulas. Stock your store or gym with these key formulas and the entire MAN Sports lineup.

When you’re ready to gear up, grind and really push your training to the next level… shop Man Sports at Next Star Distribution today.  Contact your sales representative today at (888) 978-6443 or email us at

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