Dymatize Available at Next Star Distribution

Dymatize Available at Next Star Distribution

Dymatize is focused on a mission to get better everyday in creating supplements that work as hard as you do. Because it’s not enough to just taste the best - It needs to fuel your best. Dymatize touts two award-winning flavors with innovative flavor partnerships such as Fruity Pebbles™, Cocoa Pebbles™, and Dunkin Donuts™.

Dymatize boasts four primary proteins: ISO100, Elite 100% Whey, Elite Casein, and Dymatize Complete Plant Protein™ . Their entire lineup features quality and craft suited for a broad range of fitness goals, whether it be optimized protein digestion and absorption or an overload of muscular support to promote mass gain. Their lineup features 4.9g of BCAA’s, 25g of Grade-A primed to fuel powerhouse workouts and training.

Reference Next Star Distribution’s offerings to see Dymatize’s full lineup of industry-leading, high quality protein and supplements. Contact your Next Star Distribution representative today at (888) 978-6443 or email us at sales@nextstardistribution.com to get started.

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