Purus Labs Now Available At Next Star Distribution

Purus Labs Now Available At Next Star Distribution

Deep from within the labs of Formulife, Purus Labs was born. Today, Purus is one of the industry’s most reputable brands known for its innovative ingredients backed by years of research.  The Purus Labs arsenal was developed by leading scientists and elite athletes; and supported by published, human scientific data including being the center of one or more University studies.  

No under dosing. No experimental, untested ingredients. Purus Labs provides complete transparency of ingredients, formulas and manufacturing. 

Found in nutrition stores and leading retailers like Academy Sports, Golds Gym, HEB, GNC, Vitamin Shoppe and more nationwide, the Purus Labs lineup features formulas for every level of fitness and type of diet including: Keto-Feed Protein (20g high quality delicious whey protein loaded with MCTs), MyoWhey (high quality, gently processed, low-temperature filtered whey protein), MyoFeed (premium, tri-blended protein), Condense (pre workout), NOXygen (a stimulant-free, dye-free, unflavored pre workout accelerator), Everyday Amino (featuring a 5:1:1 ratio to rebuild and recover), DPol (natural “manhancement” to raise testosterone & nitric oxide levels), and more. 

2021 promises to be another exciting year of innovation at Purus Labs. Stay tuned for their newest supplement formulas, proteins and RTDs in the upcoming months. To stock your retail store, ecommerce or gym, contact Next Star Distribution today at 888-978-6443, sales@nextstardistribution.com or shop at www.nextstardistribution.com

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