Goat Fuel Available at Next Star Distribution

Goat Fuel Available at Next Star Distribution

Founded by NFL Football Hall of Famer Jerry Rice, Goat Fuel represents a standard that’s nothing short of the greatest of all time. The brand’s focus is to instill a G.O.A.T mindset and standard of excellence through its lifestyle brand and consumer products.

 G.O.A.T Fuel boasts a proprietary blend of ten essential vitamins, cordyceps mushrooms, green tea, electrolytes, BCAAs (branched chain amino acids) and caffeine. It’s this unique approach in their formula that mirrors the level of input required to reach a peak performance output of G.O.A.T status. 

Enjoy the enhanced, powerful energy and performance found in GOAT Fuel™. Contact your Next Star Distribution representative today at (888) 978-6443 or email us at sales@nextstardistribution.com to stock your store or gym.

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