BSN Available at Next Star Distribution

BSN Available at Next Star Distribution

Bio-Engineered Supplements and Nutrition, Inc. (BSN®) was founded in 2001 and since then has become a global leader in the sports nutrition marketplace through relentless dedication to creating dynamic, cutting-edge, and result-producing products.

Busting your butt in the weight room doesn't have to mean punishing your taste buds during recovery. Reward yourself with BSN's Protein Crisp Bar, a serious combination of incredible taste and unique texture without compromising your macros. At just 230 calories, each Protein Crisp Bar is loaded with 20g of premium proteins and 4g of sugar or less. And with a light and crispy texture filled with the decadent flavor in each crunch, every day will taste like cheat day.


BSN has also curated industry-leading supplements and protein powder that’s set the stage for the supplement and fitness industry. Each scoop of SYNTHA-6 protein consists of a 22g protein matrix that includes: whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, micellar casein, calcium caseinate, milk protein isolate, and egg albumin. BSN’s protein shakes and supplements taste more like milkshakes with SYNTHA-6’s muscle recovery formula and great flavor.

Stock up your stores and shelves with this leading protein bar and brand of the global fitness industry using Next Star Distribution.  Contact your Next Star Distribution representative today at (888) 978-6443 or email us at to stock your store or gym.

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